Hello and Welcome from Andy and Megan!
We are best friends turned happily married who are enjoying raising our beautiful daughter to enjoy the things we love most. When not working our day jobs (Andy is a software engineer and Megan runs an office, with the hopes of soon running our shop... more on this later) we're either out pickin', creating something out of our finds, at an auction, enjoying the outdoors or out supporting local musicians. By creating this blog, we hope to inspire you with our projects and adventures!

Back to our shop... In our area we feel there's a lack in locations available for pickers, creaters, antique dealers, artists and craftsmen to sell and display their finds and creations to customers... for this reason we've decided to open a shop to be located in Winchester, VA. We'll be renting booth space as well as selling small and handcrafted items on consignment. We're currently looking for a location and interested vendors.. contact us if you're interested!

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