Thursday, February 23, 2012

Festival Posters of the 1960’s: The Great Poster Trip

I’d like to share with you a pickin’ story that ended up landing me some fairly valuable 60’s memorabilia.
coverpageLast year while browsing the items up for auction at a local auction house, I came across a stack of books from the 1960’s.  I had been to this auction house before and knew that this type of item wouldn’t sell that well.  This auction house wasn’t exactly known for good quality antiques and collectibles, if you get my drift.
Needless to say, I stuck around and waited on these books to go up for bid. 
$5….$10….$15…$20…$25…$30…$40…and Sold to me for $40.
So what did I get exactly?
  • 1968 Newport Pop Festival program, the one they hand out to all festival attendees at the gate.
  • 1973 Grateful Dead guitar tab book.
  • “The Hippies” book that is a collection of black & white photographs of the hippies from the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco in 1967.
  • And last but not least, I got “The Great Poster Trip: Art Eureka”, a graphical listing of music and festival posters of the 1960’s.
I’d like to now focus on the posters of the 1960’s in “The Great Poster Trip”.  The artwork on these posters is absolutely incredible and inspiring.  Posters in the 60’s, much like the present day, were inspired by free thinking, open minds (hmmm), and political controversy.  I’m excited to own this book, so much that I thought I‘d share some of the posters and artwork with you in this short video. Enjoy!
A Walk Through the Posters of the 60s: The Great Poster Trip
All posters shown in this video are copyrighted and are the property of the owners. Harvest Moon Shoppes does not take any credit for the posters or artwork in this book and video.

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