Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Living Room Wall Redo

After repainting our living room I put up the same clock and wall sconces I had on the wall before.. and was never satisfied.  After several auctions and other picks we had built up a supply of old windows and shutters.. and a weekend finally came around where we didn't have any plans so we dug into redesigning our living room wall.  Unfortunately at the time, I wasn't thinking in the future and didn't take before or process pics.. but hopefully you'll get the idea.  (I promise I'll get better about this...). 

We started by digging out all of the supplies we had built up.. shutters, windows, hardware, etc.  I loved the color of the yellow and red shutters.. 


So they they were definitely in.. I picked out one of our multi-pane windows.. 


and one of our longer yellow painted windows.  We stood out in our driveway laying out different arrangements and decided on a basic layout.. But knew it was missing something and had the idea of adding the wine bottle wall vases.  Then we added a chalk painted board to the long yellow window to make it into a shelf 


and our design was complete!  

This is where the hubby's job kicked in... hanging it all on the wall.  He did a great job!  I added a few old books and glass bottles and our new wall was complete!


On to the next project!





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